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Things to Know about Tuscan Style Homes

Tuscan Home

Tuscan Home

Tuscan style homes are breathtaking, which is something you need to know if you’re interested in Tuscan real estate. The colors, the architecture, and the styles are fantastic, so here are some things to know when you’re looking for real estate in Tuscany:

• There is no doubt that you will notice the grace and the charm amongst the villas that line the vineyards and the hills within the beautiful Tuscan villages and communities. You’ll see that there are wrought iron balconies, natural stone facades, front doors of solid wood, clay tile roofs, Roman columns, turrets, and so much more. They are a sight to behold and all of these features signify a quality villa.

• Colors – The colors that you will see can range anywhere from orange to yellow with shades of gold on the walls and the floors. However, burnt terracotta and rusty orange colors are adorning the walls and floors of many villas. There are also accent colors such as tomato red, olive green, cobalt blue, and sunflower adds a bit of personality to the place.

• Wood – Wood is important because wood signifies durability. You’ll find that Tuscan villas have doors and furniture that are made of real wood.

• Wrought iron – The wrought iron gates, balconies, window sills, and railings certainly make for a high degree of sophistication. This adds something to villas that nothing else can.

• Decorative items – A lot of the decorative items that you will find villas furnished with are handmade. Some of the surfaces within villas are aged for a very distinctive look.

So if you’re in need of a villa that has everything you need, you now know what to look for. Even if you’re looking for a house that is sophisticated, you can find high quality materials and designs.


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