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Tuscan Vacation Rentals

Tuscany Countryside

Tuscany Countryside

There are a lot of vacation rentals in Tuscany that you can take advantage of. You have rentals in the country and you have them in the various cities around Tuscany. You have choices and that is what is important when you visit Tuscany. You should be able to stay wherever you wish so that you can achieve the feeling that you wish to achieve.

For instance, you may choose a farm holiday in the Tuscan countryside. Some of the farmhouses are large enough to accommodate several families at once. Some families are also split into separate apartments, which allows for more privacy. Many find this to be a very relaxing atmosphere and they are also allowed to experience the countryside.

There are a lot of Tuscany villas to rent, which is less expensive than renting inside the city. These are rentals that you’ll often find in remote areas. However, you will need to rent a car in order to get around. When you rent in the city, you are able to get around on foot or use public transportation.

When staying in the city, rental apartments are probably your best bet. They are smaller than the country rentals, but you should have no issues with getting around. They are usually good for couples or for families of four. Many of them also have kitchens so that you can save money on your food costs. However, they are small and work well when you want to cook small dinners, breakfast, or lunch.

You can also look into castles, which will present a very unique experience. The quarters within the castles consist of small apartments that have a bedroom or two, a kitchen, and a bathroom. Many of the castles have restaurants on their ground floor since the kitchens are quite small.

So you definitely have plenty of options to choose from when you stay in Tuscany.

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