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An irresistible food and wine pairing in pure Italian style

Do you love Italian food? You can’t resist to the flavours of the best italian wines? I understand you very well. In this post I suggest one irresistible food and wine pairing with a focus on Tuscan tradition. White Vermentino and Pasta with salmon The white Vermentino it’s a great…Read more >

Val d’Orcia: tips to discover one of the most charming natural areas in Tuscany

Val d’Orcia is a wonderful area which extends from the hills south of Siena to Monte Amiata in Tuscany. This area is carachterized by an incredible heritage of nature, art and history. In 2004 the Val d’Orcia was added by UNESCO to the list of World Heritage Sites under these…Read more >

5 tours by bicycle in Florence

Do you like bicycle? Do you love Florence and the Renaissance art? Well this post is for you. The cycling gives everyone a sense of freedom; so let’s discover the best tours by bike in Florence. From Santa Maria Novella to the Boboli Garden: a lovely tour that gives you…Read more >

Want To Go Backpacking In Tuscany?

If you know anything about Tuscany, you know that it is outfitted with some of the best scenery that you will ever see. There are vineyards, picturesque landscapes, and the work of famous artists in the museums and galleries. When backpacking through Tuscany, there are some stops that you want…Read more >

Would You Like to Take a Walking Tour Through Tuscany?

Tuscany comes with a lot of great surprises. There is beautiful scenery and a lot of history, but there are two things that the people tend to love more than anything and that is the wine and the food. Perhaps the wine is why there are so many walking tours…Read more >

The Towns to Visit in Tuscany

Tuscany is filled with towns, which is why it can be difficult to figure out which one to visit. In all reality, you can visit them all if you’re staying in Tuscany long enough. All you have to do is find yourself a great farmhouse or villa in the Tuscan…Read more >

Cycling around the Tuscan Vineyards

Something that is really neat about Tuscany is the fact that two of the most amazing attractions can be combined into one activity. The first activity is visiting the wine vineyards. Italy is second to France when it comes to wine, so you’re getting a taste of some of the…Read more >

Are you an Agritourist? If you are, you have to visit Tuscany

If you’re an agritourist, you have to visit Tuscany. It is an agritourist haven. An agritourist is an individual who loves to stay in farmhouses and they love the countryside environment. Anything to do with agriculture is something that is amazing to an agritourist, especially if you mix scenery with…Read more >

Visit the Lucca Area of Tuscany for a Great Time

Are you looking for a romantic Italian Holiday? If you are, then you are in luck because Tuscany offers many individuals this very opportunity. But one area in Tuscany that is known for its romantic opportunities is the Lucca area. Lucca is a lively town surrounded by walls that date…Read more >

What to Purchase when Visiting Tuscany

Shopping is a big deal when visiting Tuscany, which is why you need to do it. You cannot pass up the great stores and products that you can take home with you after being on holiday in Tuscany. So here are some items that you may want to look at:…Read more >

Take a Picnic in Tuscany

A picnic is most certainly one of the most romantic dates that you could ever go on. But there is not a picnic more romantic than one in Tuscany. But that is an awful expensive picnic, isn’t it? You’ve got airfare and lodging you have to worry about. However, you’re…Read more >

Make Sure You Take it Slow in Tuscany

A holiday in Tuscany is definitely not one that needs to be taken quickly. As a matter of fact, you need to take it slow because there is so much to see and there are simply some things that you have to spend some time with. For example, you have…Read more >

The Hidden Side of Tuscany

Covering a part of Northern Latium and part of Southern Tuscany is the Maremma. This area was once known as the heartland of the Etruscans. They were this fascinating and very mysterious civilization that dominated the central part of Italy before Rome had ever emerged. What makes the Maremma so…Read more >

Visiting Tuscany’s Umbria Border

The southeastern area of Tuscan meets the Umbria border, which is a great place to visit. This is a great place because the visitor is able to visit a lot of city and towns of the two regions, while remaining within those areas that are very picturesque. Basically, you have…Read more >

Take a Wine Holiday in Tuscany

The Tuscan hills are winding, but in the midst of them sit many wineries that provide their world class wines to Italy and to venues all over the world. Fortunately, when you visit Tuscany, you can get the opportunity to test those wines. Wine tasting events are a lot of…Read more >

What is there to do in Tuscany?

There are plenty of things to do inside and outside of Tuscany during your visit. This strengthens the reasoning behind why you should visit Tuscany on your vacation. Furthermore, Tuscany is going to give you an experience that you never thought possible. You’re going to see incredible scenery and you’re…Read more >

7 Things you must do in Tuscany

When you visit Tuscany, there are 7 things that you must do. It is a fantastic vacation destination, so it is very important that you make the most out of it. You don’t want to travel all that way and not do the things that you want to do or…Read more >

You Must Experience the Wine Roads in Tuscany

When driving or riding through the Tuscan hills, the wine roads offer a lot in the way of travel itineraries that include incredible viticulture areas. These areas are characterized by wine cellars and the many vineyards that stock them. There is also the incredible landscape and the historical attractions. In…Read more >

Why Not Take a Week Long Tour in Tuscany?

There are week long tours that you can take in Tuscany that fits your own preferences. You don’t have to conform to what the masses are doing. The idea of a Tuscan vacation is so that you can do whatever you want, so it is only right that you do…Read more >

Tuscan Beaches are Breathtaking

When visiting Tuscany, it is important to spend lots and lots of time on the beach. This is because the Tuscan coastline is absolutely beautiful. The water is so clear and the water temperature is so perfect for swimming. With all of the small villages, bays, ports, and other attractions…Read more >

The Ultimate Tuscany Outing: Wine Tasting Tours

When visiting Tuscany, it is very important to check out the wine tasting tours. This is if you enjoy a good wine. Some people don’t, which is not a sin. They just don’t get to taste the excellent wine, but they can still enjoy the tour. This means that wine…Read more >

Like Biking? Go Mountain Biking in Tuscany

If you enjoy biking, then you really need to experience mountain biking in Tuscany. This is because Tuscany has excellent mountain biking holidays that even those who don’t mountain bike often really enjoy. You can experience the very lush landscapes of Tuscany and all of the history that you will…Read more >

Take a Mountain Bike Holiday in Tuscany

If you really want to experience the lush landscapes of Tuscany, then a mountain bike holiday is a great way to do that. You can experience everything the mountains have to offer, while seeing a bit of history and experiencing the wine and cuisine. The adventure can take place in…Read more >

7 Things to do in Tuscany

When you’re in Tuscany, there are things that have to be done. Those things are what make for great memories that last for a lifetime. Those things include: • The Leaning Tower of Pisa – This is only a 50 mile drive from Florence. You’ll see that the bell tower…Read more >