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Food and Drink in Tuscany

The Tuscan style of cooking is very wholesome and full of flavor. Believe it or not, the French get a lot of their ideas from the Tuscans. However, you might be amazed to find out that a lot of what is going on in Tuscan dishes really has to do with the simplicity of them. They use staples such as olive oil and wine to make their dishes a success. Where many other chefs around the world are trying to make their dishes amazing by making them complicated, the Tuscans have gotten it right.

The reason why they are so great at cooking is because they achieve the right acidity of the food. Having the right acidity can do wonders for a dish. From there, it is literally a choreographed dance. There are certain steps that are put in place and it is important to not deviate from those steps. The order the food is eaten in also has an impact on how everything tastes. For example, you may have rice or pasta, followed by meat and fish, and then you’ll have dessert. Dessert is then followed by a glass of grappa or an espresso.

Now let’s look at that last part – the wine. Italian wines are sought after all over the world. There is not a wine that will ever outdo an Italian wine. If it does, it has to be something that is more than spectacular. Any meal is greatly complimented by wine, which means that the right taste is going to be achieved overall. It is so basic that it makes us wonder why more cultures don’t use these simplistic methods. Italy just has it right in more ways than one. So at least you know you are really going to love the food and drink in Tuscany. You may even try to bring some of the recipes home with you so that you can duplicate the experience.