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Sangiovese- A Taste of Tuscany

If you don’t know what Sangiovese is, it is an assortment of grapes that originate in Italy. Everyone knows it as the main element in the Chanti blend in Tuscany. Although there are winemakers outside of Italy experimenting with this, it is still something that is very special to Italy, especially Tuscany.

There are 14 different versions of Sangiovese. At least there are others trying to imitate it or some other sort of duplication. It was brought to the United States state of California in the 1800s, but to really get an idea of this fantastic assortment of grapes used in the wines of Tuscany. You have to ask for it specifically just to see what it is all about. You certainly will not experience a taste quite like this again in your life.

So if someone says to you that you can find this wine everywhere, know that it can’t be found everywhere. This is an important acknowledgement so that you know that what you’re getting is the best. You can even go around to other locations where you can do some wine tasting and decide for yourself what is good and what is not. Everyone has different tastes, but there is no doubt that anything with Sangiovese is going to really make your taste buds jump for joy.

So try checking out some of the wineries and see what they have for folks like you looking to taste the best wines. Chances are they’re going to have some excellent wine tasting events that will make you a bit loopy with joy. You’ll definitely have a lot of fun and you’ll want to do it again and again. Not because of all of the wine you get to drink, but because it is both an educational experience and a tasty one.