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Take a Gourmet Holiday in Tuscany

If you’re not in Tuscany for the sights, then you must be there for the eats. If it isn’t the good food, then it may be the wine. No matter your reason for being there you have to taste the food at one time or another.

When experiencing the food in Tuscany, you’ll notice that many of the dishes have French origins. This goes back to the days of the Medicis when they ruled. They had French chefs cooking for them, so it is only natural that many of those dishes with a French influence stuck around.

But what you’ll really notice about Tuscan cuisine is that the food is deceptively easy. The dish may look like it was complicated, but the truth is that it wasn’t complicated at all. As a matter of fact, the wonder in the food is how simple it is. They don’t use sauces and spices to mask the natural flavors. Many other cultures are guilty of this.

Where you go in Tuscany is going to depend on what you taste. Tuscany is large and consists of a number of cities with different ways of doing things. If you visit cities near the coast, then you can expect to experience a lot of different types of seafood. Further inland, you’re going to experience more meats and soups.

Now just because the Tuscans like to let the natural flavor of their foods shine through, that doesn’t mean that they don’t use herbs and spices. They do on those foods that need some flavoring. You will find that their herbs and spices are quite unique and that they use combinations that not many cultures use. This is another one of the reasons why the food is so different. This is also a reason why a gourmet holiday in Tuscany is going to be quite the treat for you.