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Tuscany Knows Olive Oil

Tuscany knows wine and it knows olive oil.

If you visit the vast olive groves in Tuscany, you will definitely see why. These olive groves seem to go on and on because Tuscany relies heavily upon olive oil as one of the main ingredients in its many dishes.

But you may be quite amazed the reasons behind why olive oil is used so heavily. It is because the lack of dairy cows in the region. Because of this, there is a lack of butter. Although there are some regions in Tuscany known for their dairy cows, the issue is that their milk is too thin. Thin milk does not make good butter. However, you will find that cows within Tuscany produce some amazing steaks.

Since Tuscany is known for its olives, there are several different types. Those types are frantoio, leccino, morailo, and pendolino. Frantoio is actually the type that is native to the Tuscan area, but the demand is so high that they are now grown all over Italy. It is considered the best olive to make oil. It has a very rich color, but a fruity aroma.

Although the other three types produce oil, the type that they make is not as desirable as the frantoio. They are usually used in addition to the frantoio when being exported to the U.S. and Europe. This is to cut down on cost because the frantoio is quite expensive. However, this creates an olive oil that is of average quality.

But when you go to Tuscany, you can experience olive oil made from the frantoio to be 100%. You’ll taste it in the cuisine, on tours of olive oil groves, and you’ll even be able to take some home with you to enjoy in your own dishes. It makes a great souvenir and you’re able to bring a piece of Tuscany home.