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Visiting Tuscany? The Cuisine Will Surprise You

Italian cuisine is very special in that it uses high quality food with some of the most traditional cooking methods available. As a matter of fact, Italy is well known for pizza and pasta. It doesn’t stop there, though. It goes much further than that in regards to great tasting food.

Cuisine in Tuscany consists of fantastic meat dishes, great cheeses, seafood, and desserts that cannot be outdone. The dishes are very diverse because the country was separated until 1861. Not until then did the dishes begin to find themselves on the same menu. That is why Tuscany has such a wide variety of dishes. All of these individuals who lived in a separate Italy brought together their foods when the country unified.

In Tuscan cuisine, you will often eat unsalted bread, beans, and meat. These are the ingredients that are native to Tuscany. However, you’ll also find that many of the other dishes throughout Italy have made their way into Tuscan cuisine. You’ll see Italian filled pastries, which originate from Naples. You’ll also see some Roman cuisine. What makes Roman cuisine so unique is that the cheeses are made from sheep’s milk. Rome is also known for incredibly thin pizzas that are absolutely delicious.

Tuscan cuisine is certainly known for its diversity. If you wish, you can enjoy Sicilian dishes that are influenced by Arab cooking. Lemon and pistachios are frequently used in these dishes. Sicily is also home to ice cream, which is something you’ll definitely find in Tuscany. The ice cream you’ll encounter will not be like any other kind you have ever eaten. Actually, none of the cuisine you will experience will be anything like food you have had elsewhere. Even if the name is the same, it isn’t going to taste the same.