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Wines that You Must Try in Tuscany

Tuscany is well known for its wine tours, but the wine tours wouldn’t be anything if it weren’t for the fact the wine is amazing. And when you combine that with the amazing cuisine that is all throughout Tuscany, you have something that will make your palate explode.

The first wines that you may want to try are the red, white, and rose wines. Even the casual wine enthusiast can enjoy these light wines that are still robust enough to make smoked and barbequed food taste absolutely amazing. But when it comes to barbeques, you can also enjoy Italian jug wines. You can buy Chianti and Lambrusco by the jug and enjoy with your smoked and barbequed foods.

And one wine that really stands out is Monte Antico is very similar to Chianti Sangiovese. It only costs around $12 per bottle and holds up extremely well. This means that you can get a nice sturdy wine for a very reasonable price. It is a dark ruby color and uses a blend of leather, herbs, earth, licorice, black cherry, and plum to give it a medium to full-bodied taste.

Also, you can go about a wine tour in Tuscany if you’re not sure what wines you’ll enjoy the most. This gives you the opportunity to find your favorite. Once you find your favorite, you will probably never go back to any of the bland wines that you’ve tasted. Then again, you may find yourself wrestling to find your favorite because there are some delicious wines in Tuscany. That is why the wine tour industry is so incredibly busy. It is literally booming. People have itineraries that are full of different wine tours because they want to taste and purchase the finest wines they can possibly lay their hands on and enjoy.