Tuscany Italy Travel Guide

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Tuscany is the Heart of Italy

When you travel to Tuscany, you are traveling to the rural heart of Italy. It is absolutely breathtaking. You can stay in villas and farmhouses if you want to truly experience what Tuscany really is. You can also purchase your own property so that you’ll always have a wonderful place to go when you visit Tuscany.

Furthermore, you can have as much world class wine as you can possibly get. Granted you might be a little intoxicated throughout your trip, the good news is that that is your right. That’s if you like amazing wines. With all of the vineyards and wine tasting tours, you can surely find a wine that is perfect for you. Be mindful that if you do you may need to utilize public transportation.

But while you’re in Tuscany, you have to visit Florence because Florence is an amazing city that is filled with all sorts of culture. You can see some of the oldest structures in Italy and see the artwork that you have only read about in history books. You will see works by Michelangelo and other very well known artists and theologians.

If you don’t feel like visiting the city, you can always spend 100% of your time in the countryside. If you don’t explore the countryside, you are missing the best of Tuscany. You do, however, have to allow yourself enough time to explore Tuscany because the roads are winding and many of them only have one lane. This is cause for slow travel, but you will be able to take in everything that you need to take in so that you can experience Tuscany for what it is…the heart of Italy.

There is no doubt that you will feel refreshed after you have taken in the immense culture and tranquility of Tuscany.