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Your Guide to Tuscany

Tuscany is a beautiful place situated in the center of Italy and it is quite large. It is so large, in fact, that it takes nine provinces to properly divide up the region. The provinces are: Florence, Grosseto, Siena, Massa-Carrara, Pisa, Luca, Pistoia, Arezzo, and Livomo. All of these are most certainly worth a visit because of their amazing culture.

If you want to know a little about Tuscany’s history, it was a part of ancient Etruria, which was occupied by the Romans during the middle of the 4th century after the fall of the Roman Empire. After a while, the region was divided up between the Medici clan and other regions declared themselves republics. However, that has obviously changed since those times.

As for the culture, it has evolved a bit. Tuscany is called the “Cradle of the Renaissance.” Because of this, it has certainly played its role in developing the modern European culture. Some of the greatest artists in the world have come from the Tuscan region. These artists include such legends as Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo. Visit the Uffizi Gallery in Florence and you will find some of the works of these famous artists and more. You hear of them, but when visiting the region you can actually witness the magnificence of their works.

With this said, it is no wonder that tourism and fashion are amongst the main industries in Tuscany. There are plenty of textile companies and jewelry workshops employing many individuals in the area. Farming is still a significant occupation, as is manufacturing. And you can’t forget the many wineries that make Tuscany quite the unique visit for anyone wishing for a little peace in their lives. Tuscany offers plenty of amenities, accommodations, and activities for all of those looking for the vacation of a lifetime.