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Take a Mountain Bike Holiday in Tuscany

If you really want to experience the lush landscapes of Tuscany, then a mountain bike holiday is a great way to do that. You can experience everything the mountains have to offer, while seeing a bit of history and experiencing the wine and cuisine. The adventure can take place in the rich historic area of Tuscany and then go from there.

It is important that you make time for this activity because you can relax and cruise through the region. You are able to cycle through the vineyards, the quaint villages, and the olive groves. You can later relax in the evening in one of the small hotels that are quite comfortable. This gives you everything you need to embark on another day of cycling bliss.

To make this easier for you, there are tour operators in Tuscany that offer these mountain bike holidays. The bikes are for hire and are usually of a high quality so that you do not risk injury. You even have the option to rent a hybrid cycle, which is a bicycle with a motor in case you become too tired to continue pedaling.

Garfagnana offers mountain bike holidays for different experience levels. You have the opportunity to ride a scenic trail from Braccicorti, which is a converted farmhouse in the Serchio Valley that is perched high on the northern flanks. You can then take the trail to the Orecchiella and Apuane National parks that are located in northern Tuscany.

There is so much to do and a lot of people travel to Tuscany just to enjoy a Tuscan mountain bike holiday. There is so much to do along the way and great scenery. So if you like cycling, this is a great plan for you and your family. You won’t regret it.


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