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Before Visiting Tuscany, Become a Tuscan

Greve in Chianti - Tuscany

Greve in Chianti - Tuscany

Before you visit Tuscany, you need to become a Tuscan. This means familiarizing yourself with the way of life of the Tuscans so that you can live the way that you do when staying in your hotel, villa, apartment, or farmhouse.

For instance, get on the Internet and find yourself some genuine Tuscan recipes that you can really enjoy. You’ll find that the Tuscans really enjoy olive oil and that they use a lot of it in their cuisines. You’ll also notice that they do not use a lot in the way of spices to improve the taste of the food. They rely 100% on the natural flavors and this is something that you will find is quite unique about Tuscan cuisine.

The next thing you need to do is research things that you can do. For instance, you can learn about wine tours at the various wineries. Take a look at those in the Chianti area because they are known for great wines. You can also tour the olive groves and learn even more about the olives that make up the amazing olive oils that the Tuscans use in their foods.

As for other activities to familiarize yourself with, you have balloon rides, you can go truffle hunting, take cooking classes if you want to improve your cooking skills, and also take Italian language classes to improve your Italian language skills.

By the time you visit Tuscany, you’ll be more Tuscan than what you were before. By the time you leave Tuscany, you’ll feel as if you are 100% a part of the culture. That is the great thing about the Tuscans. They are willing to take travelers under their wing to share the amazing culture that has made them who they are. And you’ll probably find yourself coming back to Tuscany again and again.