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How to Get Around in Tuscany

Car rental

Car rental

There is something to be known about Tuscany and that is the fact that you have to rent a car to get around. Being that this is the mode of transportation that you’re going to be able to acquire, renting a car in Tuscany is not difficult at all.

It is a good idea that you reserve your car before your trip to Tuscany. You can most likely do this over the internet, but you probably won’t know the make and model of your car because it is based on what’s available when you get there. You also need to take into consideration that European cars tend to be smaller. There is good reason for this.

Rental cars in Tuscany tend to be smaller because the streets are narrow. Larger, more luxurious models are available, but the larger models are going to keep you from traveling certain streets. In other words, having the larger car is a bit less convenient than having something that is smaller. This is one of those cases in which bigger is not better. It is actually worse.

There is, however, another option for you in case you feel that renting a car is going to take away from you being able to view everything Tuscany has to offer. You can actually hire a car with a driver so that you can enjoy the scenery without having to watch the streets and the road. It is also handy for those from the United States who are used to the wheel of the car being on the left. In Europe, the wheel is on the right and the speeds seem to be considerably higher. Not being experienced with this new positioning could be dangerous, so renting a car with the driver included can also be much safer.