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Make Sure You Move Slowly in Tuscany

Did you know that Italy is the European leader in organic farming? If you weren’t aware of that fact, you definitely are now. This is something that you’ll get to see first hand when visiting Tuscany. You can also arrange for a stay in a Tuscan farmhouse so that you can really get the feel for what a Tuscan farm is really like.

How can you get the opportunity to stay in a Tuscan farmhouse? Well, you can because there are plenty of farmers and other individuals renting out rooms in their farmhouses. This is very profitable for them. They have swimming pools and other amenities that are available. Another thing is that you can have access to Internet, telephone, and you are able to gain access to Florence and other cities within Tuscany.

But when leaving your farmhouse, you need to move through Tuscany slowly because there is just so much to see. You will find olive groves and wineries. You also have the opportunity to drive through the hills of Tuscany and see the breathtaking views. You have to be sure to explore all corners of Tuscany. Each area is usually within a couple hours of Florence, so it becomes quite easy to visit another city and see amazing sites along the way. The landscape within Tuscany is not like your usual hills, mountains, or large spans of land. Everything that you will see will be quite green and you’ll notice all of the amazing agriculture along the way.

So make sure you get a taste of the organic food in the area, that you observe the farming practices, taste the wine, enjoy the olives, see the great architecture in Florence, experience the many forms of art, take tours, take cooking classes, and so much more. You’ll probably need a lot more time to cover all of this. You’ll probably need approximately a month, which is an amount of time that not a lot of people have. That means you need to choose what you do, but you’ll probably have no problem doing that with so much to do in Tuscany.