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Make Sure You Take it Slow in Tuscany

A holiday in Tuscany is definitely not one that needs to be taken quickly. As a matter of fact, you need to take it slow because there is so much to see and there are simply some things that you have to spend some time with.

For example, you have the wine tasting tours. These are not tours where you simply run through a winery, take a few sips, and run right back out. No, you get to look at the vineyards, taste the different wines, and you simply get to have a good time. You can’t rush through these things.

You also have various other tours such as bicycle tours and you can drive a car around the countryside.

But don’t forget the spas. You certainly can’t rush through a spa because then it wouldn’t be relaxing. You would have some mud thrown on your face, taken right back off, and then out the door you would go. Now that’s no fun, is it?  Of course it’s not.

And if you head over to Florence, don’t forget the art museums, such as the Uffizi Gallery. Make sure you walk through the city to see the fabulous architecture. You also want to be sure to eat at some fabulous restaurants. The restaurants in Tuscany are amazing for the fact that they use the natural flavorings of the food to really make it work. You’ve never tasted anything like it.

So make sure you take your time and enjoy your holiday. Don’t expect to be there just a few days. You’re going to be there for a week or more. Even a week isn’t going to help you see the things that you need to see. So better yet, plan for about 2 weeks. Stay in a farmhouse or a villa and really see what Tuscany is all about.