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The Hidden Side of Tuscany

Covering a part of Northern Latium and part of Southern Tuscany is the Maremma. This area was once known as the heartland of the Etruscans. They were this fascinating and very mysterious civilization that dominated the central part of Italy before Rome had ever emerged.

What makes the Maremma so unique is how the livestock is raised. The livestock is raised in a very traditional way. It is said that the skilful cowboys of this area beat Buffalo Bill in 1911 when they challenged each other at breaking colts. The cattle-rearers of the Maremma are still very proud of this accomplishment to this day. As a matter of fact, they hand their skills from father to son. This is something that they’re very proud of and you can see this when you visit this area of Tuscany.

You can head inland and check out the Etruscan centres and the hill-village called Capalbio. This village has a perfectly intact medieval centre. There are also a number of unusual attractions in this village. There is the Tarot Gardenen, which is a park that is very artistic and contains a very monumental sculpture that took 20 years for the Tarots to finish. If you just happen to pass through Capalbio in the middle of September, you’ll come across the Wild Boar Festival and you will see some celebrities hanging around at this time.

This is just another one of the amazing areas that you can see in Tuscany. You will see beautiful areas as you travel the coast, as you travel inland, and as you travel through the hills and plains. You can’t deny the beauty of Tuscany, so make sure you explore every inch that you possibly can during your visit. You won’t regret it. You’ll have great memories for many years to come.